High up in the Zacatecan Bajio, Mexico’s most fertile plateau, there exists a centuries old tradition of the “luminar”

A wisdom keeper for the area’s most ancient agaves

Typically bent over a blazing campfire, he shares this wisdom with others in search of insights of exceptional and beneficial qualities. During these rituals the “Luminar” often uses mezcal made from these remote agaves to evoke states of inner bliss and illumination.

It is from this tradition comes Luminar Mezcal. Using select agaves grown in the Bajio and on the mountain tops of Zacatecas, this mezcal offers you a chance to ingest the wisdom tradition of Agave. 254 farming families in Zacatecas have nurtured their agaves for years bring you the smooth and satisfying notes of Luminar. Distilled on site, Luminar is a rare cultural taste treasure.

Luminar Mezcals


Unaged Mezcal

Initial aromas of ripe herbaceous agave with hints of saffron. Clean and balanced taste throughout with persistent notes of moist soil and nuances of orange peel. Smooth finish with a complex and delicate medley of Asian pear fruit and green pepper corn finish.


Rested in Oak for Three Months

Initial aromas of honey and lavender. Soft and silky throughout with ongoing notes of lemon custard and pineapple, with hints of roasted walnuts. Medium robust body with a satisfying lingering finish of oaked white pepper.


Rested in Oak for One Year

Aromas of vanilla, butterscotch and maple syrup in the nose, with notes of roasted pecan, pepper and spices on the palate. The finish is velvet smooth, kissed with oaked, with hints of tropical fruit.

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